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The Original Patented Backpack for the Onewheel. Folds away when you’re riding and having fun!

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...this is the original patented foldable backpack designed specially for the Onewheel by Future Motion. We designed it as a backpack because it's the most natural and comfortable way to carry a heavy load. The backpack can be folded into a carrying case so that it’s out of your way when you’re having fun. It took us over a year and more than 10 design prototypes to get it right. We are really pleased with what we've come up with and we hope you’ll agree. 

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About Us

Like you, we love our Onewheels! Craving it with the wind in our hair and the world behind us... the Onewheel is carefree-fun and exhilaration. That is provided it doesn't run out of power or you don't need to bring it on a trip or get it to a trail up on a hill. 

As any Onewheel owner will tell you, a dead Onewheel is like a drunk friend, both heavy and impossible to carry. After failing to find any backpack we like, we decided to make one for our own use. It took us more than a year (!) but we are finally here. And this is our story. 

The Beginning

We visited many local workshops here in Singapore to find a passionate atelier willing to take on a small design project #superow #the beginning #findingtheone

The Drawing Board

It’s hard to get the fit and finish just right. Detailed CAD was created to facilitate collaboration. #superowCAD #superowtech

The Prototypes

Ideas are great until you have to stuff a 25lb Onewheel in them. It took us over a year and more than 10 design prototypes to get it right. #superow #prototyping

The Production

We are excited that production of the Superow Backpacks is going well. Order yours today and get them shipped soon. Thanks for your support! #nomorepreorders
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